Dan, I’ve had opportunity to see most of our SBC staff and local partners to convey the sentiments expressed by Andrea directly, but I didn’t catch you on Sunday night to say thanks. I have said to a number of colleagues that it was a really positive experience for us working with a BC rep who understood the host perspective. Your personal contribution to the success of the event was a major one, you were calm and quiet where some of your predecessors/colleagues have been keen to enforce their own view, you have maintained a focus on the important matters and empowered those responsible for the detail, and with Andrea you managed to balance the needs and wants of the teams and riders with the desires of the audiences and the residents whose lives were interrupted.
We knew we could deliver an event with atmosphere and excitement enjoyed by a general public and not just the cycling enthusiast, and I think that atmosphere generated the outcome we wanted, an event which the riders and teams enjoyed all the more. John Herety’s comments on social media will prick the local pride that justifies future investment in cycle racing, and Alex Dowsett is probably a candidate for freedom of the Borough!

Reuben Kench - Director of Culture, Leisure & Events Stockton Borough Council - Host City National Road Championships 2016

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